XeeMe is a social media software company focusing on social presence management.

The social presence is the sum of all social profiles of an individual or brand and the foundation of any social media engagement.  A “XeeMe” lets users or brands organize, grow and monitor their social presence in an easy to use and professional manner.

XeeMe measures popularity and attractiveness of the respective social presence with the so called XeeScore. The integrated analytics system help monitor progress and success and provides a unique way to benchmark presence value. XeeMe has the largest number of supported social networks.

The Palo Alto, California based company started in 2010, launched the product in 2011 and today has users in over 100 countries. More info on http://XeeMe.com or +1 (650) 251-4002.


Step 1:  Organize your social footprint get all your social profiles in one place.

  • A clean overview
    This is how a XeeMe can look like: xeeme.com/YOURNAME
  • Leverage your efforts
    Are you investing countless hours uploading or contributing content on sites but most of your follower don’t even know you are there? Share all these sites with your complete social presence and let everybody know what you are doing.
  • Make sure you get your user name early on
    Like in all social networks, once a user name is gone – it’s gone. So take it as long as you can. And if it is gone already, grab the next best alternative.
  • Check out XeeMe’s Video Library for best practices, setup and user experience.

Step 2:  Grow your connections across relevant networks.

  • Cross pollination
    Friends and connections you have on only a few networks may now connect on your other networks. You may see an instant boost in connections.
  • XeeMe Amplification
    Instead of pointing to your top 3 or four networks, point to your entire social presence and see friends look them all up. You will recognize a 5 fold increase in social traffic and rapid growth of your connections.
  • Clean reference points
    Instead of cluttering email signature and profile information, have a single URL to your entire most current social presence. Stop updating 20 sites – update your XeeMe and ALL sites pointing to your XeeMe are pointing to your must current presence.

Step 3:  Optimize your presence by analyzing results XeeMe analytics helps you:

  • See how many people visited your XeeMe
  • See how many people visited your various sites listed on your XeeMe
  • See which of your sites are visited most and therefore are relevant to your AUDIENCE
  • Optimize your efforts by spending more time on relevant networks and less or no time on others.
  • Compare your XeeScore with others

If you would like your own click here.  It’s free.  Plus you get a powerful social address book and much more.  Call me for a FREE no obligation discussion of how I can help you achieve the same high internet profile with XeeMe @ http://XeeMe.com/barend

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