• How To Turn Off Email Notifications For Facebook Pages

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    If you are the administrator of your company’s or client’s Facebook Page, chances are that you have noticed emails originating from Facebook alerting you every time a person posts or comments on the Page you admin.

    Facebook has launched this feature as part of their Pages format in reply to comments from managers seeking more efficient monitoring and engagement tools.

    These notifications will significantly benefit those who are responsible for daily community engagement and customer service functions.

    But for those on the ‘sideline’ admins, these emails might be a bit overwhelming. Never fear, there is a way to turn them off!


    3 Easy Steps How To Turn Off Email Notifications For Facebook Pages

    1.  Go to the Page.

    2.  Click ‘Edit Page’. This will either appear below the profile photo, if viewing the old page layout, or under the Manage column.

    3.  Click ‘Your Settings’. This is the top first item in the left-hand navigation bar.



    We thought you might welcome a little help on limiting the flood of emails.  Feel free to visit CPD’s Facebook Page and Like Us – Thank You!

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